I am the New Owner Feb 25, 2017
Hello My Dear Members,

I am the new Owner of this site hope you will continue to support this site for long run.

Thank you!!

Ownership Change! Feb 20, 2017
Ownership Change!

Dear members, I would like to let you know all that The Ownership of GETSurveys.me will be changed and the new Owner will take over this Website and hope He will maintain better than me.

So, I request you all guys to cash out Your existing Account Balance's/Earnings before 25th February.
All cash outs should be made before 25 to Get Paid!
Members who didn't cash out before or On 25th february, those balance's will be reset to Zero.

Please co-operate with me and Good luck with New Owner and earning opportunities.

TapResearch Surveys Sep 22, 2016
TapResearch surveys are available now. Check our TapResearch new offerwall to find more suitable surveys for your geo location.

Kiwi Offerwall Added. Jul 10, 2016
The new offerwall KIWI Added to GETSurveys.me , Visit our Kiwi From Offerwalls section. and start completing easiest offers. Do not forget to complete profile for High paying surveys.

SuperRewards Offerwall Added Jan 22, 2016
We have added super rewards Offerwall with highest rates in the market. Check it out and complete the easiest offers to get rewards.

Surveys For All Countries Dec 23, 2015
At GETSurveys.me surveys are available for all countries. Earn free rewards by participating in our surveys and free offers! EXTRA: Many offerwalls available

Love to Click Ads ? Sep 11, 2015
We have got MinuteStaff & PTCWall for you guys those who love to earn just by clicking ads. Earn more with our both Paid to click Walls.

Offerwalls Available Aug 17, 2015
Getsurveys.me now have 6 Offerwalls available, Persona.ly, Offertoro, Tokenads, Wannads, PTCWall, Matomy. We are trying to add more. 

Upgrades Aug 15, 2015
Upgrades are now available with awesome Bonus's. You will be rewarded for every referral sign's up under you. Check our upgrades page for more information.  Hope you will like it. 

Launched. Aug 11, 2015
We are now officially launched. and working background to get more offerwalls for you. and in the mean time get more referrals under you to see more free earnings.